Hørte Gård


Do you know why our food tastes so good?

For us at Hørte Gård (Hørte Farm), organic is completely logical. Because our farm in Sylling – Norway has a living soil rich in microorganisms. It allows the salads and other vegetables to grow slowly without the unnecessary use of pesticides. The result is a series of clean, fresh and fresh salads and vegetables. And then it tastes extra good to take care of the environment.

Good for the environment

We do everything we can to limit the footprint we leave behind. We use compost and organic fertilizer instead of artificial fertilizer, cardboard packaging instead of plastic, and short distances to the point of sale instead of long freight. This is how you also make an environmental choice when choosing salads and vegetables from Hørte Gård (Hørte Farm).

Inheritance and longevity

We manage a farm that has been run since the late Middle Ages. In recent centuries, agriculture has undergone major changes with increasing use of fertilizers. We reverse this trend and go from conventional agriculture to organic, from the use of chemistry to the use of biology. We believe that a conscious care of a living soil is the future.

For the sake of taste

There are several factors that affect the rich taste of our salads and vegetables. Here on the farm, the ripening time is long and the flavors have time to develop. The soil is rich, there are long sunny days and we have access to clean water from the Tyrifjord, all this contributes to the good taste. And with a lesser load on the environment, organic undoubtedly tastes better for the conscience.

Organic food is not a new trend - it is to return to what once was

    Hørte Gård