Hørte Gård

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Discover Hørte Gård (Hørte Farm) in Sylling, Lier, Norway

Hørte Gård with history from 1796 is located in scenic Sylling by the Tyrifjord and is one of Norway’s leading producers of organic salads and vegetables.

Hørte Gård

Hørte Gård (Hørte Farm) has roots all the way back to the Black Death. Later, a farmer from Vik in Hole came rowing across the Tyrifjord in search of new fields. They found him in the innermost part of the fjord in Sylling at the foot of Hørtekollen. Here the soil was rich, the sun warm and the water clean.

The Hørte family

It is not only the salads and vegetables that have strong roots in Hørte Gård (Hørte Farm). The Hørthe family is the 7th. generation that runs the farm in Sylling. Father Anders is responsible for the daily operations, mother Birgit runs Bonden Grønthandel AS, while the children Ole Amund, Truls and Thomas still go to school. The farm dog Leika makes sure that they are not disturbed unnecessarily.

The story

Already in the early Iron Age, land was cleared in Sylling. Here was good soil with gravel deposits after the last ice age and for centuries the valley has been known for good quality berries, fruits and vegetables. Hørte we hear about already in the Kings sagas. In 1178 a battle took place at Hørte bridge. King pretender Sverre and his birch bones met King Magnus Erlingsson. Sverre won and many of Magnus' men fell.

We will be Norway's best in organic vegetables grown in living soil

    Hørte Gård